Are you part of a group or department?

If you are part a group or department, you can save with a GROUP ORDER. 

Minimum order: 10

1. Includes choice of logo

2. Includes 1 line of customization (save $7)

3. Additional line of customization is $7

4. Orders will be processed after your order cut-off date

5. Order will be complete within 3-4 weeks of cut-off date

6. Shared shipping $3 per order (vs $10 to $15 for individual shipping)

7. Your order will be shipped by your group organizer when the full order is complete.

8. Pick up from your GROUP ORGANIZER.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to organize a group order.  We will provide you with a group page and group code for your group to order from. You will not need to handle any money as each person in your group will order directly from the group page and pay for their own order.  You just have to send the link to your group and then distribute the orders when you receive them.